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Welcome to our workspace, say goodbye to the isolation of working at home and hello to
an ideal environment, where you can connect, collaborate and create, whether you are an entrepreneur, Freelancer, teacher or student, we provide you with an ideal workspace to bring your ideas to life or give a course/training, while providing office space Flexible, private offices and meeting rooms,  plus high-speed internet, printer, scanner, photocopier machine, and LCD to work efficiently.So whether you are looking for a new home for your work, study, or just a place to meet with your clients or to concentrate in your private work as a freelancer, our workspace has We offer you a great environment with a calm atmosphereto enjoy your day with us.
Join us today and experience the power of creativity that drives society.

Our services

Private Office

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A modern workspace ideal for corporate executives and small business owners or business owners who are looking for a unique workspace to welcome their clients in style with an office room characterized by calm, privacy and comfort with its modern design and comfortable atmosphere, equipped with a private balcony with plenty of natural light to experience the perfect blend of professional and personal to achieve Make the most of your ideas to make your business more productive and achieving goals.

Daily Pass

360 EGP/Day

ٍSmall Private Office

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Get the perfect office room with an LCD screen to make important presentations in front of your clients because it is equipped for maximum efficiency. This room is designed for business meetings and more to make the most of your client meetings.


Start at 2350 EGP/Month

Shared Space

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It provides you with a professional and quite work environment with modern office equipment, suitable for freelancers.


850 EGP/Month

3 Desks Room

Whether you are a small business, a start-up company, or a team working together on a project, this office room for three people will help make your workday more efficient and enjoyable. This office room is perfect for collaborative work and creating a great working atmosphere. It features a spacious layout with comfortable seating and an LCD screen display, providing ample space for privacy and collaboration. Its modern design adds a professional touch to any office, while the natural lighting creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere

Hourly Pass


Training Room

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We provide training rooms with capacity of 9 participants suitable for training and educational activities with the best services and tools (LCD, Whiteboard).

Daily Pass

60 EGP/Hour

Meeting Room

Have your own meeting with your clients or partners in our meeting room, which is equipped with (LCD, Whiteboard) suitable for all activities and can accommodate up to 10 people.

Daily Pass

Offer With 60EGP/Hour


we strives to ensure high-quality services,dedicated to providing the best office experience your business needs.   that’s why we prepard our work space with this aminities ,where you can focus on your project.


Security System

Fast Internet

Air Conditioner

Waiting Area

Drinking Area


Cleaning Services

13 Working Hours